Himalayan Blankets

have a number of designs of Himalayan blankets that we are able to offer to our wholesale customers.  Although we will be unable to give exact colours choices, we will send you the nearest to your specifications.  Please see our photos below to give you an idea of the stock we currently have on hand.

All our blankets are 100% acrylic,  they are easy wash care and long lasting.  Its a good idea to wash them in a spare pillow case which has been tied closed.  Use a low temperature or wool wash on your washing machine and a soap detergent, will help prevent particles gaining access to the environment.

If you are one of our retail customers, then you can find our retail website at TIBETAN DAWN, where you can buy single items and be specific with your order choices.

AMAZON Blankets

These are stripe blankets on one side and plain with a boarder on the other. Everyone has an individual colour combination, with an array of rainbow colours. These are our largest and most expensive blankets    (Approx.  W 120cm x H 2.5m)

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AUTUMN Blankets

Stunning floral design with a reversible side where the design is opposite colours of the front.  They are either 2 or 3 tone and quite suited to a home with a colourful environment.  (Approx.  W 1m x H 2m)


AZTEC Blankets

The pretty geometric designs in our Aztec blanket, gives a modern feel with the pastel colour palate of this particular soft fleecy blanket.    (Approx. W 1m x H 2m)



We have a small number of our Classic Blankets left in 3 main colours , mainly red, purple or blue.  They have been a firm favourite over the years with their classy paisley stipe interlinked with various designs.   (Approx. W 1m x H 2m)



This blanket comes in many delightful colours, often very different, although a few can be matched up. Again, they really set off a blank space and add warmth and style to any type of room. (Approx. W90cm x H 2m)

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LEAF Blankets

These beautiful floral and leaf blankets bring ambiance into a any room with their simple colour scheme, tactile  and elegant designs.   (Approx. W 1m x H 2m)



These are a recent addition to our wholesale blanket range.  A simple pin stipe on one side of the blanket and plain on the other.  These are the cheapest in our range, but still a good quality soft and lightweight fleece.

SPRING Blankets

The spring paisley fleece is the newest addition to our stock.  This is a silky acrylic blanket, rather than a brushed fleece.  It has a tight weave and is an excellent weight.  (approx.  W 1m x L 2m)


These paisley stripe blankets are proving to be very popular, with their pastel colours and elegant style. (approx. W 1m x L 2m)

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Our classic stipe fleece blanket is still a very popular buy.  They are light, warm and colourful and have so many uses, sch as bed throws, camping blankets, wraps, bed throws and pet blankets   (approx. W 1m x L 2m)

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Tibet ™ Blankets and Throws



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